Pusheen Surprise Blind Box information

Hey Chickadee

The design inside any given Pusheen Blind Box is unknown, even to us!

Some designs are rarer than others, while some are more common. We cannot honor requests for specific designs, as there is no way to determine the contents of each Blind Box without opening the sealed packaging. 

If you order more than one Blind Box, receiving multiples of the same design is possible. Ordering 8 boxes will not guarantee all 8 designs! 

We understand that it can be disappointing to order multiple Blind Boxes and receive duplicate designs, but please keep in mind that the contents of each Blind Box are completely unknown to us as well!

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for boxes that have been opened.

Please note that the Pusheen Blind Box is not the same as, and is separate from, the Pusheen Box subscription service. Hey Chickadee is not affiliated and cannot provide assistance with Pusheen Box. For inquiries regarding the Pusheen Box subscription service, please head over to PusheenBox.com!

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