Do I have to pay international import taxes or customs fees?

Hey Chickadee

If your package is shipping outside of the USA, it may be subject to import taxes or customs fees. Hey Chickadee cannot control and is not responsible for any customs fees that your government may charge you for importing goods. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay customs fees. If you have any questions regarding the customs policies of your country, we recommend contacting your local customs office.

We are required by law to declare all items at their actual price and cannot alter this amount to decrease international custom fees. We cannot mark packages as “gifts”, and cannot mark the value of the product less than what it actually is to evade customs charges.

Please note that on occasion, customs may delay delivery of some packages.

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Please note that if any discount/coupon codes or gift cards are applied at checkout, it will only reduce the grand total owed for the purchase, and will not manually reduce an individual products’ value. The original value listed for products purchased will be displayed on any packing slips and customs forms, regardless of any discounts applied at checkout.

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