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Apparel size information

You can find the link to our size charts and general information on sizing in the product page for each clothing item. If an item requires additional info, we'll provide that info on the product page. We make sure to list any variations such as fabric, fit, neckline, etc, on the product pages for all of our clothing items!

Our apparel comes from a variety of suppliers, which means that the sizing can vary slightly between items, so each garment has it's own specific size chart. If you still have questions about the fit of an item or measurement guidelines, please feel free to contact us!

Will you be getting ______ back in stock?

When a particular item is out of stock, there will be a blue button in the product description that says "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE". You can then enter your email address to receive an automated email notification when the item is back in stock.

Pusheen the Cat products

If you’re interested in our Pusheen merchandise, you can browse our collection here! For inquiries unrelated to Hey Chickadee products or services, we recommend heading over to We cannot provide assistance regarding Pusheen products not purchased from Hey Chickadee.

Please note that Hey Chickadee is not affiliated with the Pusheen Box subscription service. For inquiries regarding Pusheen Box, please head over to

Pusheen Surprise Plush Blind Box information

The design inside any given Pusheen Blind Box is unknown, even to us! Some designs are rarer than others, while some are more common. We cannot honor requests for specific designs, as there is no way to determine the contents of each Blind Box without opening the sealed packaging. 

If you order more than one Blind Box, receiving multiples of the same design is possible. Ordering 8 boxes will not guarantee all 8 designs! 

We understand that it can be disappointing to order multiple Blind Boxes and receive duplicate designs, but please keep in mind that the contents of each Blind Box are completely unknown to us as well!

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for boxes that have been opened.

Is it possible to order custom merchandise?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer custom-made merchandise upon request.

How can I design and sell products on Hey Chickadee?

We are not currently pursuing additional designers, but we do keep portfolios on file for review for when we are expanding our lineup. Feel free to contact us with a link to your portfolio!

Do you offer wholesale?

We are no longer accepting wholesale orders at this time. 


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