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An item in my order arrived damaged or defective.

If an item in your order arrived broken or damaged upon delivery, please submit a return request here. Please provide a photo when filling out the returns form to confirm the item's condition.

An item in my order is incorrect.

In the event that you received an incorrect item that was not what was ordered, you can submit a return request, and we will be happy to offer assistance. Please provide a photo of the incorrect item when filling out the returns form. We recommend referring to your packing slip or confirmation email to confirm that the item received is not what was ordered as well. 

An item in my order is missing.

If you suspect an item is missing or absent from your order, we recommend double checking the box or mailer your order arrived in, as well as any other interior packaging, to see if it may be hidden or stuck. Depending on the contents of your order, smaller items may be packed inside or around larger items for safekeeping. If you are still unable to find an item in your order, please contact us here!

Where is my package?

To view the delivery estimate for your chosen shipping method, please refer to our Shipping Methods page. You can check up on the journey of your package by selecting the tracking/customs link located in your automated shipping notification email.

Once a package has shipped, most will arrive within the estimated time frame provided for the selected shipping method, but occasional delays may occur, especially during busy holidays or extreme weather conditions. International shipments may experience delays due to customs inspections, which we unfortunately cannot control. All delivery times are estimates only, and are not guaranteed!

If your order is shipping via USPS First Class Mail International, please allow a maximum of 8 weeks from the shipment date for your package to arrive! This method is cannot be fully tracked, and due to the unpredictability of international customs, exact delivery estimates cannot be provided.

The tracking says my package was delivered, but I haven't received it.

The first course of action is to be absolutely sure that you have checked all possible areas that your mail carrier could have left the package! (i.e. mail room, corridor, back door, main office, etc.) We also recommend checking with neighbors or other people in your building or household who could potentially receive deliveries for you. If you're still unable to locate it, please contact your regular mail carrier and your local post office directly to see if they have any information about the package.

For international packages, we recommend contacting your local delivery or customs office, as we have experienced packages being marked as "delivered" on the USPS website when they are actually in customs.

Packages may sometimes be scanned as "delivered" when they're sorted and loaded onto a vehicle for delivery, instead of at the actual moment of delivery. In rare cases, packages can take a few business days from that point to reach you, depending on their delivery schedule. 

If it has been a few business days from the initial delivery scan, and you are still unable to locate your package after following the steps above, please contact us! 

My package couldn't be delivered and is returning to sender!

There are many instances why a package may be marked as "return to sender." Below are some of the more common reasons:

  • Complications with the shipping address. (missing information such as street name, typos, misspelling, and other identifiers, e.g. writing ‘123’ instead of ‘apt. 123’)
  • The addressee has moved without providing a forwarding address
  • The item is refused by the addressee (someone at the address told the mail carrier that no one with that name lives there/works there)
  • Package was unclaimed (common for international customers, packages may be held at the local post office or customs office for pick-up, and if the recipient does not go and pick it up within a certain time frame it will be sent back to us)*
  • Refusal to pay customs (only applies to international customers - this means you did not pay customs fees/import tax on the item, or refused to pay them)*

*Usually, if your package needs to be picked up from the post office in person, or import taxes need to be paid, you will receive a note in the mail from your local post office or customs agent indicating when and how to get your package. Any notices or notes left by the mail carrier are out of Hey Chickadee's control.

The USPS tracking/customs page usually displays the reason why the package is unable to be delivered. If your shipment is marked “return to sender”, feel free to contact us and let us know about the situation. Please be sure to double check your order confirmation email, your account, or your shipment confirmation email to confirm that you provided the correct address, and that no typos or errors were made.

Please note that we unfortunately cannot re-ship orders until the original package is returned to us, and we cannot intercept or redirect a package once it is marked as “return to sender”. Packages being returned to sender are generally considered low priority by the USPS and may move slowly, so unfortunately we can’t provide an estimate as to when returned packages arrive back at our warehouse. 

If a package is returned to us because an incorrect address was provided at checkout, you will be responsible for the charges to re-ship the package.


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