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I received a damaged or defective item

If an item in your order arrived in a damaged or defective condition, you can submit a return request to receive a refund or replacement item. You may be required provide a photo when filling out the form so that we may verify the damage.

I received the wrong item in my order!

If you received an incorrect item instead of what you ordered, please submit a return request for the incorrect item so that we can correct the issue. You may be required to provide a photo of the damaged item you received so we can verify the problem. We recommend referring to your packing slip or order confirmation email to confirm that the item you received is different from what you originally ordered.

Items are missing from my order!

If you suspect an item is missing from your order, please first double check the packaging the order arrived in to see if it may just be hidden or stuck inside. In some orders, smaller items may be packed inside or around larger items. If you are still unable to locate the missing item, please contact us for assistance!



Where is my package?

You can review our estimated delivery rates on our shipping information page. You can check the status of your package through the tracking or customs link in your shipping notification email or by logging in to your Hey Chickadee customer account.

Most packages successfully arrive within the estimated delivery time frame, but delays occasionally can still occur, particularly during holiday seasons or extreme weather conditions. International shipments are also subject to delays from regular transport and customs inspections.

All delivery rates and times provided are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

If your package was shipped using the USPS First Class International method, please allow up to 8 weeks for your package to arrive. USPS First Class International does not include full tracking and delivery dates can be unpredictable with transit and customs.



My tracking says my package was delivered, but I haven't received it!

If you cannot locate your package after it has been marked as delivered, we first recommend that you investigate all possible areas a package may have been left at your address. This may include back doors, mailboxes, mail rooms, main office, etc.

We also suggest checking with any neighbors or people in your neighborhood or building who may have accidentally received the package.

If you are still having difficulty finding your package, please contact your local mail carrier or customs office. We have seen cases where international deliveries have been marked as delivered on the USPS tracking page when the packages were still in customs.

Packages may sometimes be scanned as ‘delivered’ early when they’re sorted and loaded onto a vehicle for delivery instead of at the actual time of delivery. In some rare cases, these packages may take a few additional business days to reach you.

If it has been more than a few days and you are still unable to locate your package after following the previous steps, please contact us for additional assistance.



My package has been returned to sender!

There are many reasons why a package may not have been delivered and was instead returned to us.

  • The shipping address is invalid (missing information, typos, incomplete lines)
  • The addressee has moved away without leaving a forwarding address or instructions
  • The package was refused by someone at the address
  • The package was unclaimed* (more common for international orders)

*When an order is unclaimed, it may be held by your local post office or customs office for any reason. At this point it will need to be claimed in person, otherwise it will most likely be returned to us. For international customers, this is often due to customs fees or taxes that need to be paid first.

Usually the mail carrier will leave a note or notice with instructions on how to claim you package if it is held. Unfortunately any notices or notes left by the mail carrier are out of Hey Chickadee’s control.

The USPS tracking and customs page usually displays the reason why a package is unable to be delivered. If your shipment is marked ‘return to sender,’ feel free to contact us. Please be sure to review your account or your order confirmation email and shipment confirmation email to confirm that you provided the correct shipping address at checkout.

Please note that we cannot re-ship orders until the original package returns to us. We cannot intercept or redirect a package once it is marked as ‘return to sender’. Packages being returned to sender are generally considered low priority by the USPS and may move slowly, so unfortunately we can’t provide an estimate as to when returned packages will arrive at our warehouse.

If a package is returned to us because an incorrect address was provided at checkout, customers are responsible for any additional charges required to re-ship the package.


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